What's museeq ?

museeq is the Qt4 MuseekClient.

To connect to the MuseekDaemon, use the ConnectDialog to enter in the host:port or Unix socket path, and InterfacePassword and press the Connect button.

Museeq Language Support

See: MuseeqTranslationSupport

Museeq Screenshots

See: ScreenShotsMuseeq.

Want more themes?

See: MuseeqThemes


  • -h --help
  • -V --version
  • --no-tray

Current Status

Museeq is the most advanced client for the moment. You'd better use it if you don't know which one to use.
Version 0.2 is the first version using Qt4 (museeq was using Qt3 before).
In the future, Museeq will be scriptable using QtScript. This is not yet functional in 0.2!

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