Museek Control

museekcontrol is a Python MuseekClient that allows access to most Soulseek functions from command-line.


  • -c <filename>, --config <filename> Use a different config file.

Chat Rooms

  • -r, --rooms Show list of rooms
  • --roomlist Refresh list of rooms
  • --joined Show list of Joined rooms
  • --roominfo <room> Show users in a Joined room
  • --roomsinfo Show users for all Joined rooms
  • --sroom <room> Show chat log for room
  • --srooms Show chat log for all rooms
  • -j, --join <room> Join a room
  • -l, --leave <room> Leave a room
  • --chat <room> Use with * --message
  • -m, --message <message> Say message in room (Use with --chat)


  • --tickers <room> Show tickers in room
  • --alltickers Show tickers in all rooms
  • --setticker <room> Pick a room to set the ticker in. (Use with --message)
  • --settempticker <room> Pick a room for a temporary ticker (Use with --message)
  • --setdefaultticker Set the default ticker for all room (Use with --message)
  • -m, --message <message> Set the ticker to this.

Private Chat

  • --sprivate <user> Show Private Chat log for a user
  • --sprivates Show Private Chat logs for all users
  • --pm, --private <user> Say message in PM (Use with --message)
  • -m, --message <message> Say message in PM (Use with --pm) USERS:
  • --buddy, --unbuddy <user> Add/Remove user from Buddies list
  • --ignore, --unignore <user> Add/Remove user from Ignore list
  • --ban, --unban <user> Add/Remove user from Banned list
  • --trust, --distrust <user> Add/Remove user from Trusted list
  • --comment <string> Comment for the user in list

  • --gs, --gsearch <query> Globally search for query & show results
  • --rs, --rsearch <query> Room search for query & show results
  • --bs, --bsearch <query> Buddy search for query & show results

User Info

  • --info <user> Show a user's info (Saves image to <user>.img if available)
  • --minfo Monitor all User Info
  • --ip <user> Get a user's IP and Port


  • -b, --browse <user> Get a user's shares and show them
  • --mb, --mbrowse Monitor browsing


  • -t, --transfers Display all current uploads and downloads and exit.
  • --mt, --mtransfers Monitor transfers
  • --download slsk://user/path Add file or dir to the download queue
  • --upload slsk://user/path Attempt to upload file to user
  • --abortup slsk://user/path Abort Upload
  • --abortdown slsk://user/path Abort Download
  • --removeup slsk://user/path Remove Upload from queue
  • --removedown slsk://user/path Remove Download from queue
  • --retryup slsk://user/path Retry Upload (for remote uploads)
  • --retrydown slsk://user/path Retry Download
  • -i, --interface <host:port | /socket.path> Choose a different interface (saved to config file)
  • -p, --password <interface-password> Choose a different password (saved to config file)
  • -v, --version Display Version and exit.
  • -h, --help Display Help and exit.

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