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Welcome to the Museek+ Trac


2006/10/28 -- Hydriand started working on a new low level layer for museekd: much code cleanup, and bandwith limits ;-)
2006/10/25 -- Debian/Ubuntu 0.1.12 packages available (i386/amd64).
2006/10/25 -- Welcome to Xero! We now have the Gentoo guy ;-)
2006/10/22 -- Latest released is now available in Debian Sid.
2006/10/21 -- Museek+ 0.1.12 released !

What is Museek?

Museek is a file-sharing application for the Soulseek peer-to-peer network. It is written in C++.

When active SVN development ceased for several months, impatience set in, and Museek-Plus was created.
Hyriand, the author of Museek, is also the author of Nicotine, another Soulseek client.

Museek+, an active fork of Museek

Museek+ (or Museek-Plus) is an enhanced sourcecode tarball of Museek that is now has Room Searching, Buddy-only shares, Interests. New features in Museeq include the addition of Banlists, Ignorelists, Icon Themes and Font/Color selecting.
Other assorted fixes, enhancements, and icons from contributing Museek users are included.
Museek+ consists of :

We are looking for your help ! If you have some skills in RPM packaging, FreeBSD ports or anything else, please contact us ! You can open a ticket and attach your files.

What's New in Museek+?

Read about the New Features : MuseekPlusNewFeatures
Feature History : ChangeLog
To Do : ToDo
What makes Museek different from other clients? : SoulseekClientComparison

Other programs in the Subversion Repository

  • moodriver -- A driver library for Museek Clients implemented in C++
  • murmur -- A PyGTK Museek Client

Read the Developers Guide for information about the Soulseek Protocol, Museek Client Protocol and Translation instructions for Museeq.

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