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Welcome to the Museek+ Trac


I rename museek-python-bindings to python-museek to respect the Debian Python policy. If you try to upgrade from my repository you may have some problems. So please remove all museek's packages and reinstall them from the repository, don't try to upgrade"

Thanks :)

What is Museek?

Museek is a file-sharing application for the Soulseek peer-to-peer network. It is written in C++.

However, it seems that active SVN development has ceased for some time now (as of January 2006).
Hyriand, the author of Museek, is also the author of Nicotine, another Soulseek client.

Museek+, an active fork of Museek

Museek+ (or Museek-Plus) is an enhanced sourcecode tarball of Museek that is now has Room Searching, Buddy-only shares, Interests. New features in Museeq include the addition of Banlists, Ignorelists, Icon Themes and Font/Color selecting.
Other assorted fixes, enhancements, and icons from contributing Museek users are included.
Museek+ consists of :

Download Museek+ Source Releases

We are looking for your help ! If you have some skills in RPM packaging, FreeBSD ports or anything else, please contact us ! You can open a ticket and attach your files.


Check this page to see how Museeq and Mucous looks like : ScreenShots

What's New in Museek+?

Read about the New Features : MuseekPlusNewFeatures
Feature History : ChangeLog
To Do : ToDo

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the FAQ : MuseekPlusFrequentlyAskedQuestions

What makes Museek different from other clients? : SoulseekClientComparison

Want to help out with Museek+?


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