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NewNet waking up


2008/08/22 -- After a few months of sleeping, NewNet branch is waking up. A new developer is working on it. The goal is to finish the job and provide a new release soon.

2007/09/06 -- Debian/Ubuntu packages for 0.1.13 are on the way. It will be uploaded to Debian Sid soon, but will have to wait for ftp-masters approval so don't expect it before one or two weeks. Impatient people can grab the source package there.

2007/08/25 -- Museek-Plus 0.1.13 Released it Includes: museekd, murmur, mucous, museeq, musetup-gtk, and all the other python scripts. Notable changes are the CMake build scripts for all packages, the Qmake build script for museeq and the inclusion of murmur. The museekd-NewNet daemon is not finished so not included.

2007/03/14 -- NewNet branch started. Interface (client) protocol changes are bound to cause difficulty with the old museek daemon, so we are making those changes seperate from trunk. Don't use this branch, unless you're interesting in helping develop it.

Welcome to the Museek+ Trac

What is Museek?

Museek is a file-sharing application for the Soulseek peer-to-peer network. It is written in C++.

When active SVN development ceased for several months, impatience set in, and Museek-Plus was created.
Hyriand, the author of Museek, is also the author of Nicotine, another Soulseek client. Since Hyriand is again actively developing a rewrite of museekd, so the term 'fork' is getting a little tired.

Museek+, an active fork of Museek

Museek+ (or Museek-Plus) is an enhanced sourcecode tarball of Museek that is now has Room Searching, Buddy-only shares, Interests. New features in Museeq include the addition of Banlists, Ignorelists, Icon Themes and Font/Color selecting.
Other assorted fixes, enhancements, and icons from contributing Museek users are included.
Museek+ consists of :

We are looking for your help ! If you have some skills in RPM packaging, FreeBSD ports or anything else, please contact us ! You can open a ticket and attach your files.

What's New in Museek+?

Read about the New Features : MuseekPlusNewFeatures
Feature History : ChangeLog
To Do : ToDo
What makes Museek different from other clients? : SoulseekClientComparison

Other programs in the Subversion Repository

  • moodriver -- A driver library for Museek Clients implemented in C++

Read the Developers Guide for information about the Soulseek Protocol, Museek Client Protocol and Translation instructions for Museeq.

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