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  • ToDo

    v7 v8  
    44 * Auto-Away in museekd (chs_kasper's idea)
    55 * Make Muscan work properly on Sparc (Big Endian problem?)
    6  * Make museeq convert newlines to spliting off seperate messages to facilitate pasting debug messages.
    7  * Find out why some SCONS versions other than v0.95 do not compile museeq .ui.h files correctly. and instead give errors like: "!SettingsDlg::SReloadShares_clicked(): Not implemented yet"
    8  * Find out why uploading to windows soulseek is still sometimes broken, even after peer message 52 was sent.
    96 * Adding logging of Chat Rooms and Private Message to museeq
    10  * Upload limits
    117 * Wishlist - with auto-download. (mer.lin.ux) Status: Partially complete (searches only)
    1511 * Up/Down transfer rate status in status bar
    16  * Up/Down transfer limiting
    1712 * Round robin queueing
    1813 * "max amount of MB's per day per user/list-user" (suggested by Dalai on slsk forum Mar 27 2004, 11:30 AM) (This feature would limit certain users to a maximum total amount downloaded per day.)
    1914 * swarmed downloads
    20  * Trusted users -> Privileges to individual buddies (chs_kasper) REASON: Buddies already have optional special privileges "privilege_buddies", but it applies to ALL buddies if enabled.
    22 === Done ===
    23  * Fix segfault that happens immediately after a "timeout connecting to host" DEBUG message.
    24  * Show things like 'shared files browsed by user xyz' or 'send search results 123 to user xyz' in the new museeq log-window (chs_kasper) (partially done)
    25  * Museeq: Have a popup dialog ask if "you really want to close museeq".
    26  * Option in the config for automated messages (lartza)
    27  * Online-alert messages in log-window (chs_kasper)