General To Dos

  • Make museeq remember search history
  • Right-click in upload-queue gives a option 'message all downloading users' (chs_kasper)
  • Auto-Away in museekd (chs_kasper's idea)
  • Make Muscan work properly on Sparc (Big Endian problem?)
  • Adding logging of Chat Rooms and Private Message to museeq
  • Wishlist - with auto-download. (mer.lin.ux) Status: Partially complete (searches only)

Unlikely to be added anytime soon

  • Up/Down transfer rate status in status bar
  • Round robin queueing
  • "max amount of MB's per day per user/list-user" (suggested by Dalai on slsk forum Mar 27 2004, 11:30 AM) (This feature would limit certain users to a maximum total amount downloaded per day.)
  • swarmed downloads
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