NewNet is hyriand's C++ networking library

It is used in newnet2 branch (newnet branch is an old version)

Here's the NewNet API

Museekd-NewNet Status


  • Chat Rooms
  • Private Chat
  • User Info
  • Browsing other users
  • Being Browsed by other users
  • Downloads
  • Uploads
  • Searches
  • Basic rate limiting

To Do

  • Wishlist
  • Private rooms
  • Upload returns
  • Better rate limiting
  • ...


  • Known to Compile and run on
    • Linux
    • Win32 (MinGW) [Not tested lately]
    • FreeBSD
    • NetBSD [Not tested lately]
  • Build Scripts
    • CMake
  • Dependencies
    • libxml2
    • zlib
    • iconv

Museeq Qt4

Museeq Qt3

An ArchLinux PKGBUILD for museeq-qt3 is attached to this page. [update needed]

Checkout the entire NewNet2 Branch Source

Note: As of the 22th of September 2008, NewNet2 branch has been merged into trunk. To test it, see GetSubversionMuseekPlus.
Some work has been done by a new developer, based on the newnet branch. This is available as a new branch including newnet rewrite and Museeq-qt4. This will probably become museek+ 0.2 soon. To test it:

svn co newnet

This is not yet perfectly working but this is the most active branch and we hope to release this soon. Everything in this branch can be built using cmake. Complete instructions will appear soon.

Checkout the old NewNet Branch Source

svn co newnet

This is not recommended, since it'll actually download Mucipher 3 times, but other than that, it shouldn't be an issue. This branch is no longer active.

There is no all-encompassing SConstruct build script anymore. Each application (or set of closely related applications) has it's own SCons build script and some have alternative build scripts, such as CMake for museekd-newnet or QMake for museeq.

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