Museeq Qt 4 Port

Porting Museeq from Qt3.x to Qt4.0 has been going on in earnest for week or so (since mid-April 2007). The latest work on this port is in the newnet2 branch.


  • Compiles with MinGW on win32 (hyriand)
  • Compiles on Linux with and Qt 4.4


  • Chat rooms
  • Private Chats
  • Userinfo
  • Transfers (partially)
  • Browser (search is crashy/broken)
  • Search (column sizing needs to be improved)
    • Search popup users submenu
  • URL handlers
  • Chat log saving
  • Tickers
  • Trayicon
  • Muscan launching/reading for Shares in Settings dialog
  • Finish Transfer item update code and user grouping
  • ReAdd? Scripting support (replace QSA by Qt Script, in progress)
  • Drag and Drop
  • Remove all Qt3 Support code

To Do

  • Running Processes
    • Museekd Daemon launching
  • Improve how the Userinfo image displays


svn co museeq


[browser:/branches/newnet2/museeq/INSTALL Installation Instructions] To compile museeq-qt4 in newnet2 branch, use cmake. Complete instructions will appear soon.

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