New Features in Museek Plus

Since forking from Museek, there's been a decent number of new features added. You can check the ChangeLog for more changes.

  • Room Searching (Initially, by SeeSchloss, and later with the new Room Search message, 120)
  • Replaced User Searching peer messages with the new User Search server message, (message 42)
  • Interests and Recommendations messages connected up and accessable my the clients.
  • A new type of user, the Trusted User.
  • Only Trusted Users are allowed to send you files. (and even this is can be disabled)
  • Created a seperate Buddies-Only Shared files list, with modifications to muscan and muscand. (this can be toggled)
  • Museekd can be manually disconnected and reconnected to the server
  • Museekd sends out responses to message 26 (normal file search)
  • Museekd quits attempting to reconnect to server if another client has kicked it off (message 41)
  • Redirect User info and browse user requests to yourself from your Internet IP to to get around NATs and routers.
  • Made updating your own shares count work by sending a peer_status request immediately afterwards.
  • Added peer message 52, the Remote Queue Notification. If a remote user attempts to upload to you, but is not a trusted user, it will now get an automatic Private Message warning the user of this.
  • Rewrote the User Shares parsing function in, so now mucous' browsing speed is comparable to browsing in museeq.
  • Added a new Status Message (for server messages) that is passed on to the clients.
  • Finished Send Speed, so that when files finish downloading, it uploads the average speed of the other user to the server.
  • Allow Download Folder request with or without a trailing slash, for compatibility's sake.
  • Removed museekctl and other defunct python scripts. Added museekcontrol.
  • Made mucous part of Museek-Plus
  • Added man pages for museekd, muscan, muscand, musetup, museeq, mulog, mucous, and museekcontrol
  • New Status messages: Browse requests, browse refusals, userinfo requests, transfer finishing
  • Option in the config for automated messages (requested by lartza)

Museeq Specific Features

  • Banned and Ignored lists are now in Museeq (in User info)
  • Interests and Recommendations messages are implemented in Museeq.
  • Colors and fonts in Museeq's Chat are now changeable via the Colors and Fonts settings dialog
  • Added some desktop icons, and (daal/Imperial Knight's) museeq icon themes
  • Disabling of Tickers in museeq
  • Added an edit comments popup menu item to users lists. Is only enabled for buddies.
  • Help in museeq
  • Museeq has a new toggleable Log pane at the bottom of it's window for Server Status Messages.
  • Removed trailing / from being sent on Download Folder requests,
  • Added a bunch of new commands to Museeq's chat and a Menu to switch to the different panes.
  • Added a text label in Museeq's browse pane, for notification on if a user's shares have been recieved, and if so, whether they are sharing.
  • Museeq can now configure more of museekd's settings with the new Museek Settings dialog.
  • Added Inline slsk:// handler, so that pasting a link from your share's into chat will allow other users or yourself to click on it and start downloading.
  • Museeq can launch museekd. Launching is configured in the ConnectDialog (which has been rewritten in C++).
  • Added a TrayIcon. Disable it with --no-tray.
  • Page Up/Page Down/arrows chat log scrolling in museeq (requested by y00sah)
  • Online-alert messages can be toggled to display in a popup or in the log window (requested by chs_kasper)


  • Rewrite of most Internal variable storage, code cleanup.
  • Made Room Status log scrollable
  • Finished Interests and recommendations
  • Fixed the input-disappearing bug (happened on PM messages)
  • Fixed some config options not getting saved
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