Museek+ on Debian / Ubuntu

There are two ways to get Museek+ on Debian or Ubuntu :

  • Get binary packages from our repository (may be unstable, i386 and amd64 only).
  • Use your distribution packages (may be outdated).

If you don't know what to do you should use the pre-compiled binary packages from your distribution.

Package list

As museek+ works in client/server mode, I create several separate packages from sources :

  • museekd : Daemon
  • museeq : Qt Gui
  • museeq-locales : Localization files for museeq
  • mucous : Python/Curses Tui (text-based ui)
  • python-museek : python bindings for museek.
  • museekd-tools : some tools to manage museekd.
  • musetup-gtk : GTK museekd configuration tool
  • murmur: Python/GTK UI.

On Debian GNU/Linux

Debian Blue Swirl Museek+ is part of the official Debian archive.
Here is a summary of nicotine package in all Debian branches:

oldstable (etch) N/A N/A
stable (lenny) 1:0.1.13+svn.20080211.r743-1 main
testing (squeeze) 1:0.2-1 main
unstable (Sid) 1:0.2-1 main

Check this link to see package version in archive in real time (Debian Quality Assurance Page).

On Ubuntu GNU/Linux

Ubuntu Logo Museek+ is part of the official Ubuntu archive.
However you must have universe packages' repository enabled.
Here is a summary of nicotine package in all Ubuntu releases:

Release Version Section
Hardy 1:0.1.13+svn.20070907.r741-1 universe
Intrepid 1:0.1.13+svn.20080211.r743-1build1 universe
Jaunty 1:0.1.13+svn.20080211.r743-1build1 universe
Karmic 1:0.2-1ubuntu1 universe

Debian & Ubuntu devel packages repository

A repository which always contains latest release is also available.
It will often use devel-snapshot based packages, and thus may contains many bugs.
Howerver if you want to help us by testing latest release and finding bugs, please enable this repo as explained below.

This repository only contains binary packages for amd64 and i386.
Currently, the repository contains packages based on newnet2 branch (0.3 prerelease).
Due to the use of latest cmake features, it's only available for Debian Lenny, Squeeze, Sid and Ubuntu Intrepid, Jaunty, Karmic.
We will try to make it build soon for older distros.

sudo su -c 'echo "deb branch main" >> /etc/apt/sources.list'
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install museekd museeq musetup-gtk

distro can be either debian or ubuntu.
You must change branch to the ubuntu/debian release you use.
For Ubuntu, branch can be either intrepid, jaunty or karmic. For Debian, it can be lenny, squeeze or sid.

In exemple, for Debian lenny, use deb lenny main.
For Ubuntu Intrepid: deb intrepid main.

Please report any bug you have experienced !
Click here to open a new ticket.

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