Building Museek from Sources

Before Building…

Museek uses the CMake build system for building and installing all components.
Don't try to build anything before you have CMake installed on you distrib.

Required Build Dependencies

Museek depends on:

  • libxml++-1.0.x or 2.6.x

Museeq (the Qt GUI) depends on:

  • QT 4.4

The build system depends on:

  • Python (including pyexpat for musetup)
  • CMake >= 2.6
  • A C compiler
  • A C++ compiler with access to an STL implementation that has wstring support (no MacOSX, Cygwin or FreeBSD4).
  • Development packages for libxml++ and optionally QT
  • Swig, for the Mucipher python bindings


For the impatient and/or people with AD(H)D, just run:

cmake .
make install

Using the Build System

cmake [options] .

On FreeBSD

As discussed in #116, using the following commands should work on FreeBSD:

$ mkdir build && cd build

$ export LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib


$ cmake ../ -DCMAKE_REQUIRED_INCLUDES="/usr/local/include"

* Available options

These are the most useful definitions. See CMake documentation for other definitions.

Name Description Default
-DPREFIX=prefix Install prefix, where to install Museek to '/usr/local'
-DMANDIR=yes/no Man Page directory, where to install man pages '$PREFIX/man/man1'
-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug/Release Build in release or debug mode
-DEVERYTHING=1/0 Build every components of museek+ (daemon, clients, bindings, etc.) 0
-DNO_MUSEEKD=1/0 don't install museekd 0
-DNO_MUSCAN=1/0 don't install muscan 0
-DNO_SETUP=1/0 don't install musetup, musetup-gtk and musetup-qt 0
-DNO_PYMUCIPHER=1/0 don't install python bindings for mucipher (hashing library: SHA1, MD5, ...) 0
-DNO_MUSEEQ=1/0 don't install museeq (Qt4 client) 0
-DBINDINGS=1/0 install python bindings for museek 0
-DMURMUR=1/0 install PyGTK client 0
-DMUCOUS=1/0 install Curses Python client 0
-DCLIENTS=1/0 install some Python tools to museekd, featuring a command line client and a very primitive curses chat client. 0

Museeq specific options:

-DBINRELOC=1/0 Use binary relocation for museeq 0
-DDATADIR Change default museeq data dir ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/share
-DRELOAD_TRANSLATIONS=1/0 Update .ts files in src/museeq/translations 0
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