Issues and Bugs in Museek Plus 0.1.10

  • If museeq fails to compile with a QDir error, get this fixed [source:/tags/0.1.10/museek+/museeq/mainwin.cpp mainwin.cpp] and copy it to your museek+/museeq/ directory. Museeq should then compile correctly.
  • Mucous and other python clients won't start up and complain about mucipher, even tho SWIG is installed. Due to wierdness with different versions of scons, an empty was added to correct build issues. If doesn't get overridden with the SWIG generated, a zero-byte will get installed, and the python clients will not work. Try the following steps.
    • Erase your build-i686-linux/Mucipher/python directory, and try building again.
    • Run scons and then scons install, instead of just scons install.
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