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Subversion Checkout of Museek Plus

You'll need Subversion installed.

Note: As of the 29th of September, the Repository tree has been reorganized.

To checkout just the latest Museek+

svn checkout museek+
cd museek+/

To checkout Museek+ and the distro-packaging scripts

svn checkout trunk
cd trunk/museek+

To checkout a specific Museek+ version

svn checkout museek+
cd museek+

To checkout MooDriver

svn checkout moodriver
cd moodriver

Debian/Ubuntu? users

There is a howto about building Debian packages from SVN in MuseekOnDebian wiki page. You really should use this way instead of building it from sources !

Since Scons is not included in the Subversion repository, you'll need either to use your distro's version, or copy the scons directory from one of the Museek+ release tarballs into the museek+/ directory.

Then you should refers to MuseekFromSources wiki page to get build instructions.