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Developing Museek Plus

There are many parts that add-up to Museek-Plus, and they can usually be worked on seperately.

Museekd log

If you think museekd is not working well or if you've found a bug, it may be useful to send us a museekd log. To produce this log, you'll have to edit your config file. Open ~/.museekd/config.xml in your favorite editor.

Add these lines before "</museekd>" at the end of the file:

<domain id="museekd.debug">

<key id="ALL">true</key>


Now launch museekd with this command line, and reproduce the bug:
# museekd > ~/museekd_log.txt

Then send us the file museekd_log.txt which was created in your home dir. This file will contain information about your current transfers.

When you have finished, you can delete the three lines that you have added.


If you've contributed to Museek+ in any way, add a mention here.

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