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#42 Museek should preserve the away-status after reconnecting museek_general Release 0.3 task 11/08/06

Museek should preserve the away-status after reconnecting.

#49 museek script could be in official sources museek_general Release 0.3 enhancement 12/11/06

Xero's museek script (on Gentoo files) is a good solution for launching museekd&cia, so why don't make it upstream in the next release? Then users of other distros could get its advantages.

#84 Museek GTK 1.0.12, shared folder update want work. murmur task 12/01/07

Hi, as the titles says, i cannot update the shared folders and have therefor to manually remove a folder and rescan it completely again to update the contents of it.

#99 desktop file uses different icon than the main program museeq task 09/12/08

I'm not sure if it is intentional, but the desktop file uses museeq/museeq.png and the icon used by the program is museeq/themes/default/icon.png. Is the program icon supposed to be themable? I think the latter looks nicer btw ;)

#113 museeq randomly hogging cpu museeq task 11/18/08

hello i often notice that museeq is using all my available cpu. i don't know what triggers this.. it can happen in a session where i've done so searches, had no active transfers in either direction, spoken in a room... it happens randomly. when it does, i used to think that disconnecting it from museekd and then reconnecting it did the trick, i've since noticed that even just clicking on the "file" menu will release whatever it is. because of this... i don't think the problem has anything to do with museekd, but is more likely something to do with qt. i wouldn't know though. is there a debug option or mode for museeq?

anything i can do to make things more verbose?

thanks if you can help.

generally up to date with svn.

#16 Overall Transfer rate counter in clients museeq wish 06/08/06

Maybe museeq already has it, but I haven't found it yet, it would be nice if there was some kind of "counter" or banner that displayed the rate at which all of your downloads/uploads are currently happening, below to the right would be a nice place to put it. I don't like to search all my transfer list just to see if I'm downloading something.

#39 Change tray icon and/or window wicon when the user has unread messages museeq wish 10/22/06

It would be nice if the user is notified when there are unread messages in museeq. This could be done eighter by changing the window icon and/or by changing the tray icon.

Attached is a proposed icon.

#11 !seen command like IRC museeq wish 06/05/06

Short summary is enough, I guess.

!seen <nickname> return "<nickname> hasn't be seen active since x hours, y min, z secs."

I think we only need to parse chatroom history to get this information :)

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